[reportlab-users] once again with external fonts in pythonpoint

Paul Okop paul_okop at mail.ru
Thu Apr 17 09:57:26 EDT 2008

> Sounds like your problem has nothing to do with PythonPoint,

> which only happens to convert a specific XML dialect (for Py-

> thonPoint presentations) into PDF. It's not a general purpose

> XML to PDF converter. And there cannot be anything like that.

Ok. My mistake. I've got XML-file in XML-dialect for Pythonpoint and not some XML-file. As I understand, Pythonpoint is a application that converts xml-files(in specific xml-dialect) to PDF, isn't it so? When creating simple PDF directly from code(using platypus) I can use external font, why can't I use it, using Pythonpoint? That's pretty important question, because solving this problem will help compiling the reports.
For example, I've got some script, that is gathering statistics for my clients(for example, I'm a small hoster, that is too greedy or too poor to buy a commercial converter). My script gathers statistics and renders a lot of(several hundreds) xml documents, using jinja template, also it renders some images that are graphics and diagrams, displaying statistics. Then I want to convert thees XMLs to PDFs, so I could send them to my clients. Thats just an example.
Using RL's platypus to render PDF's is not good salvation - statistics is gathered on one machine what is pretty loaded with other tasks and rendering PDF on that same machine may hang it. Also traffic is not always free, and I may gather my data on one machine, render diagrams and xml on another and render it to PDF on the third(thats not really an optimal solution, but in some cases it could be so).

> There are many possibilities, but PythonPoint is probably not

> the appropriate one for you.

I chose Pythonpoint for it's python-base, Open-Source and it's free. And I think thats the best solution for me. Im working on some "reporting" script, that will generate PDFs. The whole solution must be independent(platform-independent, open-source, and totally free). Pythonpoint is the appropreate, but if I want to get PDF that will be usefull for different users from different countries, speaking on different languages is should use non-standart fonts, that will be build-in the PDF.
So the question is simple: How to use external fonts in Pythonpoint? Or is it impossible?

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