[reportlab-users] once again with external fonts in pythonpoint

Dinu Gherman gherman at darwin.in-berlin.de
Thu Apr 17 09:09:13 EDT 2008

Paul Okop:

> Ok, I guess there is some misunderstanding. Here is the promblem to

> solve:

> - I've got an XML file to convert

> - I've got T1 font

> - I've got pythonpoint

Sounds like your problem has nothing to do with PythonPoint,
which only happens to convert a specific XML dialect (for Py-
thonPoint presentations) into PDF. It's not a general purpose
XML to PDF converter. And there cannot be anything like that.

> What should I do to get a PDF based on my XML with my font in it?

The most general answer to this question is:

1. code a reader for your XML (for example using SAX)
2. map its content to RL-Platypus flowables
3. render them to PDF using RL

Alternatively, you can convert your XML to something like RML
using e.g. XSLT and render that to PDF using commercial RL
software (ask Andy).

Or you convert it to XSL-FO or something like this. Or you con-
vert your XML to HTML and render that to PDF using your favour-
ite converter like PrinceXML.

There are many possibilities, but PythonPoint is probably not
the appropriate one for you.



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