[reportlab-users] Mailing labels

Dinu Gherman gherman at darwin.in-berlin.de
Tue Apr 8 03:55:55 EDT 2008

Mark Matthews:

> I have been requested to write a mailing labels module (7x2) for a

> client.


> I had thought I would use tables and Flowables rather that attempt

> to specify co-ordinated.

For very simple labels with only some text an approach based
only on flowables will work, but as soon as you need to add
anything else (read: interesting stuff), you'll need to have
access to the canvas. But you can also have that from flow-
ables, of course.

I've been writing/using my own labeling library with Report-
Lab for years now, alas, it's probably not ready for release.
But it can be used for very different kinds of stuff, like
name cards, CD labels and so on. Here is a fancy example for
badges as inspiration:




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