[reportlab-users] Mailing labels

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Tue Apr 8 03:34:33 EDT 2008

2008/4/8 Mark Matthews <mem at object-craft.com.au>:

> Hello there,


> I have been requested to write a mailing labels module (7x2) for a client.


> I had thought I would use tables and Flowables rather that attempt to

> specify co-ordinated.


> Had anyone got any tips

Trial and error, basically.

First, fix the rowHeights and colWidths so the table lines draw
straight down the gaps between the labels, or the middle of the

Second, learn how to use the padding parameters in the table style, to
ensure you have enough padding to keep the content near the middle of
the label. (the alternative is extra dummy columns and rows, but
that makes your table construction way harder)

Then, I suggest initially filling the cells with short strings like
["spam" x 50] so you can see where the right edge of the area in each
cell goes, before you try real addresses.

Bear in mind that some printers are not 100% accurate (especially
cheap inkjets) and so actual results might not seem to agree perfectly
with the label specifications.

Good luck!

- Andy

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