[reportlab-users] Wrong characters displayed with AcrobatReader

Paolo G. Cantore paolo.cantore at t-online.de
Mon Apr 7 12:17:49 EDT 2008

Dear all, (2nd attempt: this time with pdf included)

I want to use Reportlab for generating PDF documents with TrueType fonts
including thai, chinese, japanese and korean characters / graphs.

My tests look very promising as I am able to generate PDFs which are
displayed and printed correctly with xpdf or evince (standard viewer for
Gnome). But to my absolute surprise the same PDFs are not displayed
correctly with AcrobatReader. There must be an astonishing algorithm
implemented in AcrobatReader which converts in a random manner one
character into another in the whole document.

Please try to open the attached PDF with AdobeReader and you'll see what
I mean. In the PDF all "c" characters are converted to "Y" characters
(Certificate ==> CertifiYate). In other cases I had "a" converted to
"7". When you open the PDF with xpdf or other viewers all is okay.

The font used is Norasi (UTF-8 unicode) but the same applies to Cyberbit.

Is this a known behaviour of AcrobatReader?
Am I doing something wrong?
Do you have any suggestions or work around how to avoid this displaying

Thank you!

Paolo Cantore
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