[reportlab-users] Problems with unicode in labels of pie charts

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Fri Sep 28 07:56:19 EDT 2007

Sebastian Ware wrote:

> Very interesting!


> In a UTF-8 encoded source code file I create the following list of labels:


> [u'ett', u'två', u'tré', '\xc3\xa5\xc3\xa4\xc3\xb6']


> Where the first and last label prints as expected, but the middle two

> won't. I guess the work around is to convert the labels to strings and

> manually replace the non-ascii characters with their unicode encoding,

> but that doesn't feel too good...


> Mvh Sebastian


....... yes I just checked and unicode labels aren't working for the simple
labels in pie charts. That's a bug; we're supposed to support unicode or utf8
encoded strings everywhere. Thanks for the report.
Robin Becker

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