[reportlab-users] Problems with unicode in labels of pie charts

Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Fri Sep 28 07:27:39 EDT 2007

Very interesting!

In a UTF-8 encoded source code file I create the following list of

[u'ett', u'två', u'tré', '\xc3\xa5\xc3\xa4\xc3\xb6']

Where the first and last label prints as expected, but the middle two
won't. I guess the work around is to convert the labels to strings
and manually replace the non-ascii characters with their unicode
encoding, but that doesn't feel too good...

Mvh Sebastian

28 sep 2007 kl. 13.14 skrev Robin Becker:

> Sebastian Ware wrote:

>> Hi!

>> I am new to Reportlab and it is very impressive. I have however

>> come across a problem with unicode in pie charts.

>> Labels with non-ascii charcters print fine in a bar chart, but not

>> in a pie chart. Reportlab simply refuses to print the label

>> containing these non-ascii characters (Swedish åäö or french é).

>> Any ideas on how to solve this problem?

>> Mvh Sebastian

> ......


> Are you encoding the labels in utf-8? To test try setting one of

> the labels to


> '\xc3\xa5\xc3\xa4\xc3\xb6' which seems to give the right output.


> If you wish to type in latin1 and pass to the label the correct

> function is


> def latin1_to_utf8(s):

> return s.decode('latin1').encode('utf-8')

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> Robin Becker

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