[reportlab-users] Tkinter frame to pdf using ReportLab

Roman Lespinasse lespinasseroman at gmail.com
Sat Sep 15 02:28:27 EDT 2007

Thanks so much for the repply.
So now, the question is, is there any "smart tool" to create some
entries, so that I can have the same effect than a Tkinter entrybox?
Le 14 sept. 07 à 18:50, Tim Roberts a écrit :

> Roman Lespinasse wrote:


>> I'm quite a beginner in python programming, and I realised a little

>> app for my work.

>> This application creates a Tkinter frame, with different entries,

>> filled by the user.

>> I'd like to be able to transform this frame to a pdf file, using

>> reportlab, but I just didn't find a howto, or a clear explanation in

>> the userguide.

>> Can somebody help me in a way?


> Although it is possible to take a snapshot of a window as an image and

> embed that image into a PDF, the results are not very good, unless you

> really need a screenshot to demonstrate how to use the app.


> What you almost certainly want to do is create a separate function

> that

> recreates the window using the ReportLab APIs. That way, you can use

> fonts that are appropriate for the printer resolution (which is much

> higher than the screen resolution), and place the text precisely where

> you want it.


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