[reportlab-users] reportlab, pisa, and unicode

Dirk Holtwick holtwick at spirito.de
Mon Oct 15 04:44:55 EDT 2007

Hi Adam,

thanks for the compliment ;-) If you send me an example I will figure
out for you what the problem is.

By the way, I am currently working on a complete rewrite of PISA where I
will support HTML5 and CSS. The goal is to support as much CSS selectors
as possible. I hope that the new version will fit the hole between HTML
and PDF so that web developers can get good PDF documents by using their
HTML and CSS skills.

New versions and more informations will be available on the PISA
homepage: <http://pisa.spirito.de> New versions are likely to be
published in late November 2007.


adam hyde schrieb:

> hi,


> I was trawling the reportlab archives for info on html to pdf conversion

> and found the wonderful pisa listed in the archives.


> It works very well...congrats to Dirk and others that developed it :)


> For my uses was looking at using reportlab as I currently use htmldoc

> for pdf generation of html. However htmldoc doesn't suport unicode.

> Apparently Reportlab does?


> However I entered some Farsi characters in the demo field of Pisa and it

> returned a blank page...anyone have any ideas if this might be a

> reportlab issue or a pisa issue? (ie. does reportlab really support

> unicode?)


> adam





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