[reportlab-users] RenderPM and TTF fonts

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Thu Oct 11 05:36:44 EDT 2007

Nizam Sayeed wrote:

> Robin,


> I do have the Vera fonts installed. The font registers fine because I can

> use it when rendering PDFs using renderPDF but when I try to use renderPM to

> create a PNG, it gives the error about not being able to find T1 files. As

> you said, renderPM does not support TrueType fonts yet.


> I am currently using a Type 1 font with renderPM. But this wont work because

> I display Unicode characters.From what I know, the Type 1 standard does not

> support Unicode characters. And TrueType is not supported on renderPM. So

> what other option is there?


> Best regards,


> Nizam



How did you build _renderPM.pyd? It needs to have freetype support at build time
so that it can do TTF as we use the freetype package to get the curves from TTFs.

You can do this check to find out if your renderPM has it enabled.

import _renderPM

if this complains it means the FT support is not compiled in. If it is compiled
in then something strange is going on. If it's not compiled in you need to get a
copy of freetype 2 and set up that library so that the setup.py script for
renderPM can see it. I'm not an expert at freetype, but I know that the
technique for determining if it is installed is particularly nasty and I don't
really understand the differences between the different versions.

Robin Becker

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