[reportlab-users] Frame.addFromList: cannot fit one object

Uwe Hoffmann qual at tiscali.de
Thu May 31 11:49:45 EDT 2007

Robin Becker schrieb:

> Uwe Hoffmann wrote:

>> Hi,


>> the user documentation states:

>> Frame User Methods

>> Frame.addFromList(drawlist, canvas)

>> consumes Flowables from the front of drawlist until the frame is full.

>> If it cannot fit one object,raises an exception.


>> it would be nice if "if not deactivated in rl_config " , will be added.


>> regards,

>> uwe


> .......

> Uwe, what should the result be if such an option were added?


> At present we have a concept of a KeepInFrame flowable which takes a

> list of other flowables and can squash the content, truncate the

> content, ignore the overflow or raise an error.


> So Frames can either squash, truncate, overflow or raise an error for an

> initially large flowable. Currently we do the last. Ideally each frame

> could be programmable with their own behaviours and use an rl_config

> specified default.


> Does that sound reasonable?

no, what i meant is simply: the behaviour is dependant on the value
the documentation should give a hint in this direction. (maybe there is
a hint but I haven't "seen" it until i looked add the source of _add.


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