[reportlab-users] Frame.addFromList: cannot fit one object

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Thu May 31 11:36:29 EDT 2007

Uwe Hoffmann wrote:

> Hi,


> the user documentation states:

> Frame User Methods

> Frame.addFromList(drawlist, canvas)

> consumes Flowables from the front of drawlist until the frame is full.

> If it cannot fit one object,raises an exception.


> it would be nice if "if not deactivated in rl_config " , will be added.


> regards,

> uwe


Uwe, what should the result be if such an option were added?

At present we have a concept of a KeepInFrame flowable which takes a list of
other flowables and can squash the content, truncate the content, ignore the
overflow or raise an error.

So Frames can either squash, truncate, overflow or raise an error for an
initially large flowable. Currently we do the last. Ideally each frame could be
programmable with their own behaviours and use an rl_config specified default.

Does that sound reasonable?
Robin Becker

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