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David Frank david83 at sfsu.edu
Wed May 2 15:15:28 EDT 2007

Hello Wayne,

Thank you for your help. I am indeed a novice on Linux too. My system
admin is of no help. He would not help me out in this situation. So, I
dont know how I will be able to find out if I need more Python Libraries.
But, I did run a lot of Python programs without any problem. I've even
used them with Crontab. So, other than the PIL is there anything more I
should have installed. I can tell the system admin to check, but I'm
pretty sure that he will say that everything is fine (without even
checking!!) and I should change the software :(

Is there any way I can find out if ALL of the Python packages have been
installed? I am running CentOS (very similar to RHL Enterprise).

Thank you,


"wayne allen scott" <wayne at wayne-scott.com>
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Re: [reportlab-users] Reportlab compiling in Linux

Hi David,

A few months ago I had issues with an installation of Reportlab as a
novice Linux user.

My problem was solved when I made sure that the entire Python package was
installed on the server. It took me several hours to track down the fact
that most default installations of Linux do not include the entire Python

My problem was solved once I got Python fully installed.

If you are using SUSE Linux, tracking down what parts of Python are not
installed is easy using Yast. Otherwise, contact a user group for your
version Linux to find our how to tell if you have a full installation of

As a side note, I have found the documentation for Reportlab to be
excellent--especially considering the price I paid for the package ;-)

Wayne Scott

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