[reportlab-users] long table vs dynamic header

Chris Foster cfoster at oda.state.or.us
Thu Mar 15 19:52:22 EDT 2007

I could use a nudge in the right direction. I'm pretty sure I'm
making this more difficult than necessary. I was just about done
with a nice report with a table that sometimes splits across multiple
pages. However, I went to add two pieces of dynamic information to
the top of those additional pages and hit a snag. I want a current
name and number from the data record in process to print above the
table that still isn't finished. At first, I thought I'd handle it
manually in an event such as afterDrawPage(), like a page number, but
by the build step, I've lost the context of the current record (works
great once).

I realize I could redo the report to incorporate the header info into
the table or go to multiple tables, but it seems like there should be
some way to stick that data into the flow to be picked up during the
build. I've looked at ActionFlowables, SimpleIndex, etc..., but I'm
a little overwhelmed.

There's a good chance I've just bungled the frames and page breaks...

Chris Foster
Information Systems - Oregon Dept of Agriculture
cfoster at oda.state.or.us

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