[reportlab-users] Advice on Formatting Report

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Fri Mar 9 12:37:48 EST 2007

> Because this will be my first use of ReportLab, I don't know if this can

> be formatted with platypus into paragraphs and a story, requires something

> like reppy or pythonReports for grouping (neither seems to be supported; the

> former is almost 3 years old and the developers of the later do not respond

> to e-mail messages), or should be placed into a table with landscape page

> orientation.

Preppy is a templating system - it's job is to splurge out text. We use
it all the time to merge content into our commercial product, RML; and
you could use it just like ASP, JSP or all the other templating systems
to generate HTML. It is absolutely stable and needs no new features
which is why it doesn't change. However, it will NOT help you to
generate documents using the open source framework, because you need to
construct lists of objects, not text.

If you're using Platypus, you want to loop over your results and
generate sequences of paragraphs (or tables containing paragraphs in the
cells, if you want to line things up neatly), and add them to the story.

PythonReports was only developed recently by one person; the developer
asked me to look at it, but you may well only be the second person to
try it out.


Andy Robinson

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