[reportlab-users] Advice on Formatting Report

Rich Shepard rshepard at appl-ecosys.com
Fri Mar 9 11:52:27 EST 2007

One of the reports we need to generate from our model has data extracted
from several sqlite3 tables. What needs to be presented is this:

Category: Natural

Component: Habitats, Importance Wt.: 0.173


Variable: Vegetation, Description: Amounts, types, and uses of plant cover.
Data source: External, Scale: x 100, Defuzzification: Centroid, UofD: 0-100,
Alpha Cut: 0.2, Type: Strong, Output: Fuzzy Space, Corr. Method: Minimum,
Implication Method: Min-max

Term Sets:
Name: , Parent: ,


How would you experienced folks generate a report like this? There are six
tables holding the data. The above could be a single block, or it could be
grouped by Category -> Component -> Subpolicy -> Variable -> Term Sets.

Because this will be my first use of ReportLab, I don't know if this can
be formatted with platypus into paragraphs and a story, requires something
like reppy or pythonReports for grouping (neither seems to be supported; the
former is almost 3 years old and the developers of the later do not respond
to e-mail messages), or should be placed into a table with landscape page

I'm open to all suggestions and recommendations. Teach me the most
appropriate way to apply ReportLab to complex data such as these.


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