[reportlab-users] Installing RenderPm on OSX

Dev Sen DEV.K.SEN at saic.com
Thu Mar 1 10:06:38 EST 2007

Thanks very much Robin. I'll try this out and let you know if it works.


On 3/1/07 10:03 AM, "Robin Becker" <robin at reportlab.com> wrote:

> Dev Sen wrote:

>> Robin,


>> Two follow on questions:


>> 1) Do you know how I can restrict the build to only use the python version

>> on a specific path...


>> 2) Any suggestions on resolving the second issue you identified, i.e.

>> Finding the freetype library at runtime?


>> Thanks for your help,


>> Dev


> OK I looked at our old Mac and this is how we built _renderPM and friends for

> transfer to an arbitrary Mac.


> 1) Obtain latest freetype2


> 2) do the ./configure make dance with freetype2


> 3) If this is the box you plan to use renderPM with then it may be enough to

> install freetype2 and try rebuilding renderPM.


> 4) Otherwise you need to make renderPM's setup.py point to the freetype build

> area and ensure that you get a static build by using only the .a versions of

> the

> built libraries.


> 5) You might also need to make sure PIL knows about freetype if you're going

> to

> be using PIL in the same sort of way.


> I'm sorry I don't know more about how to get the distutils/setup.py do the

> right

> things about static libraries. The last time I did this on the mac I was using

> direct compiles without a setup.py and I just re-use the scripts for building

> the whole of python etc etc.

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