[reportlab-users] Asian text not rendered

J Maxwell jmaxwell at aapt.net.au
Sun Jul 29 00:18:44 EDT 2007


Japanese text in pdf files produced by reportlab 2.0 displays in some
pdf viewers, but not in others.

The demo Japanese pdf file from the reportlab site
(http://www.reportlab.org/docs/jmed.pdf) displays correctly using the
Evince pdf viewer on fedora 6, but the Japanese text isn't rendered at
all when using the Kpdf viewer.

However, a pdf file with Japanese text produced by openoffice is
rendered in both evince and kpdf viewers without any difficulty.

Reportlab 2.0 files that I have produced with Japanese text also fail to
be rendered accurately in kpdf, but show in the evince pdf viewer.

Can reportlab be tweaked to avoid this anomaly?


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