[reportlab-users] Graphics -- Tick marks overlay bar charts

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Tue Oct 31 07:01:22 EST 2006

Roger wrote:
> Under the 2.0 release, if the tick marks on a vertical bar chart are set 
> to extend all the way across the chart by setting valueAxis.tickRight 
> equal to the width of the chart, then the tick marks will be written 
> over the top of the bar charts.  The end result looks strange to me and 
> I think is an error.
> I think a suitable fix is to move a statement near line number 211 in 
> barchart.py:
>        g.add(vA) # draw the tick marks first so they appear behind the bars
>        g.add(self.makeBars())
>        g.add(cA)
>        #~ g.add(vA)
> I have just started using the graphing package and currently only use 
> vertical bar charts so I am not sure the effect this may have on other 
> types of charts.
> Roger Haase

All of these things ought really to support some kind of z-order, but that is 
quite hard since the layout is done by different objects. However, there is a 
grid making facility; which I broke about three weeks ago. That is supposed to 
be behind the bars.

Robin Becker

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