[reportlab-users] Graphics -- Tick marks overlay bar charts

Roger crosseyedpenguin at cox.net
Mon Oct 30 15:47:36 EST 2006

Under the 2.0 release, if the tick marks on a vertical bar chart are set 
to extend all the way across the chart by setting valueAxis.tickRight 
equal to the width of the chart, then the tick marks will be written 
over the top of the bar charts.  The end result looks strange to me and 
I think is an error.

I think a suitable fix is to move a statement near line number 211 in 

        g.add(vA) # draw the tick marks first so they appear behind the bars
        #~ g.add(vA)

I have just started using the graphing package and currently only use 
vertical bar charts so I am not sure the effect this may have on other 
types of charts.

Roger Haase

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