[reportlab-users] Barcodes

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Tue Oct 31 02:24:46 EST 2006

Andy Robinson wrote:
>  > The code seems very old (2000 at latest) and I've only managed to get
>  > the Code128 barcodes to scan properly...
> The 'extensions' "pseudo-package" died of lack of interest in about 
> 2001. 

Ah, okay, would it be possible to lop the "Extensions" section off from 
http://www.reportlab.org/downloads.html, as it's the rlbarcode package 
at the bottom of that which threw me...

> We checked in the latest as reportlab.graphics.barcode when we 
> did version 2.0 (it was in the commercial package before that) and the 
> codes have all been tested on several scanners.

Yep, I should have said that I strongly suspect the quality if the 
printing I'm using is to blame...

> Suggested starting point review PDFs from here...
> C:\code\reportlab\graphics\barcode>test.py
> saved out.pdf
> created test_full.pdf

Okay, other trip point: the barcode sub-package is not available in any 
of the released versions of reportlab on the download page. I do prefer 
to use released versions unless there's a specific reason not to, I 
guess that's the case here ;-)

thanks for the pointers!


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