[reportlab-users] Accessing specific cells

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Wed Oct 18 05:47:17 EDT 2006

Erhard Eiselen wrote:
> I have a Python prog that reads from a DB
> and then with Reportlab and Platypus, builds
> a table and outputs a PDF report.
> Now the data is arranged alphabetically and
> when it eg. changes from A to B, I first print 
> a single B and then all the data starting with
> a B. What I need to to is to highlight the B
> so that the change from A to B is easy to see.
> Is there a website or document out there
> that describes the Reportlab Package and
> Platypus properly and shows the classes
> and attributes and methods of each class?
> Erhard Eiselen
> Two-A-Day Group Ltd


You probably want to change the style of the Cell that contains the bolded 
letter. Unfortunately the Table model adopted makes that fairly hard if you use 
the normal styling model (originally based on a spreadsheet model). However, the 
  cells can contain arbitrary platypus flowables so you can put style objects 
into them.

If you have a full source copy of reportlab you can run the test script 
reportlab/test/test_platypus_tables.py and look at the results especially 
tables.pdf which illustrates all sorts of table structuring/styling etc etc
Robin Becker

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