[reportlab-users] Re: Re[2]: Looking for a How-to to get me moving quickly

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Fri May 5 18:20:08 EDT 2006

> Can you show something about using Unicode chars with ReportLab?  Some words
> (I used a fruit theme here, trying to make it easy for an example) for you
> to play with there (in Brazilian Portuguese):
> - maçã (apple)
> - abóbora (pumpkin)
> - pé (foot)
> - limão (lemon)
> - limões (lemons)
> - maracujá (passion fruit)
> ;-)  This was my main problem when I tried ReportLab for the first time. 
> (Later I learnt that the secret is in the fonts that you use, but I still
> have problems with that ;-))

Actually this is what just changed in a big way on the trunk last month, 
and will become the "version 2.0" label in the next week or two.   It 
just got much simpler, and this part will be very clearly documented in 
the "What's new" page for the release - I promise!

Check out the trunk from subversion - instructions here:

I hope to check in a tutorial-style test case this weekend and I'll put 
your words in ;-)  It should accept UTF8 or unicode objects virtually 
anywhere, and if it doesn't then we want to know right  now.  The few 
remaining issues are things like Outline entries and meta-info for the 
document (Creator Author etc.), which use a weird internal Adobe 
encoding, and currently are passed straight through.

We've just done a massive unicode-based project serving thousands of 
documents per day in Japanese, German, English and four Scandinavian 
languages. So we're pretty confident our unicode support is 
battle-tested and working.

Best Regards,

Andy Robinson

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