[reportlab-users] Ammendment: Allow Blank Cells in Platypus Table plus None Comparison Check

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Fri May 5 12:56:21 EDT 2006

We just discussed this in the office.  Our day is ending here but 
tonight or at the weekend I'll put in a slight mix of your patch and 
mine (using strnone) which
  - accepts nulls
  - accepts Unicode objects and converts to UTF8
  - still demands rectangular data.
  - adds in your test cases!

At the moment, we determine table width by looking at the longest row in 
the input data.  I'll also add an OPTION to accept 'ragged edge' data, 
so you can set your tables to work that way if you wish.

I'll break this out into a method which preprocesses the data set  for 
readability, as other people might want to implement different 
preprocessing and it's nice to see where this should happen.

(This should make it into the forthcoming "version 2.0" which is 
essentially going to be today's trunk code plus a few fixups we are 
still working on with Japanese paragraph splitting...)

   - Andy Robinson

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