[reportlab-users] Ammendment: Allow Blank Cells in Platypus Table plus None Comparison Check

Mike Dewhirst miked at dewhirst.com.au
Thu May 4 23:39:23 EDT 2006

>> What do people think?  Should tables accept occasional 'short rows' and
>> pad to the right with empty cells, or be strict about demanding 
>> rectangular input of the correct number of columns?

I had to think about this recently and decided to scan the input once to 
figure out the maximum number of cells (max_cells) per row and then a 
second time to process them and pad out to max_cells if there were any 
short rows.

Padding left or right or both (ie., centring) was decidedly tricky in my 
circumstance where I was converting html to pdf. I tried different 
algorithms but could not think of one which worked in all cases.

What I really wanted was the ability to merge cells. I couldn't figure 
that either so I took the centred headings out of the tables altogether 
  and kept the tables rectangular - or is that isocellular?

> You know where I stand :P
> Cheers,
> --B
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