[reportlab-users] Ammendment: Allow Blank Cells in Platypus Table plus None Comparison Check

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Thu May 4 17:42:48 EDT 2006

Benn wrote:
> Hey All,
> Sorry about the duplicate post previous to this.
> I did a bit more of my homework and put together a proper test case, in the
> process (naturally) identifying a few discrepancies.
> The Table() now accepts as data any mixture of lists or tuples (as well as,
> presumably, other iteratable data), proper handling of None, and support for
> partially filled in rows throughout the datasource.
> I've attached updated patch files for both the table.py and the
> test_platypus_table.py files.  Hope this helps someone :)

Thanks very much for this.  We'll review the code tomorrow or on Monday 
but after a quick glance it looks sensible to me.

I can certainly see sense in accepting nulls and padding rows, so that 
one can pass a database result set straight into a table.  We also never 
worried about iterables in the past.  We're now in testing for Version 
2.0 (the trunk is, basically, it) which will carry a Python 2.4 baseline 
so in principle this makes a lot of sense.


Andy Robinson

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