[reportlab-users] OT: job offer

Uwe C. Schroeder uwe at oss4u.com
Mon May 1 05:13:52 EDT 2006

Hope nobody minds a job offer.....

We have developed an application for the insurance market that is based on:

wxPython for the GUI
twisted pb as network layer
certainly python :-)
reportlab/OpenOffice/pyUno for printing
zope/plone as alternative web interface.
the database backend is postgresql.

We're currently in the process of setting up a company to market this 
software. The software targets a niche market in the insurance business and 
has been in production for over 3 years with a limited number of clients.
We're looking for developers, preferably in the greater San Francisco Bay Area 
but not a necessity, who have as much experience as possible in any/all of 
the above technologies. We have certain projects that only need partial 
knowledge (I'm not disclosing specifics here, I much rather list requirements 
for the different projects):

1) Solely Plone based development. This basically only requires Plone and 
postgresql experience.

2) The printing backend needs work. Anyone with good XSLT/RML experience is 
welcome to apply. Intention is to write a Open Document Format to RML 
exporter for OpenOffice. We will contribute the exporter back to the 
community which would benefit the OpenOffice and the reportlab projects.

3)  Someone with a solid knowledge of twisted pb (not yet new pb) and wxPython 
experience. There are technical obstacles to the "twisted/wxPython"-marriage 
and you should be aware of them.

4) anyone with an open mind and good python experience.

SQL database knowledge is pretty much a must for all of the above. We're 
currently using postgresql, but Oracle and DB2 are not out of the question.

If you have commercial insurance knowledge it's even better, but I rather 
focus on programming skills than insurance knowledge - since the later is 
much easier to acquire.

All of the above projects have the potential to turn into a lucrative  
permanent occupation. Salary and terms are negotiable. There will be several 
programmers involved, thus team- and communication skills are a plus.

If you're interested please drop me an email.



Open Source Solutions 4U, LLC	1618 Kelly St
Phone:  +1 707 568 3056		Santa Rosa, CA 95401
Cell:   +1 650 302 2405		United States
Fax:    +1 707 568 6416

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