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Saketh Bhamidipati saketh.bhamidipati at gmail.com
Thu Jun 29 15:44:33 EDT 2006

Here is the code that I want to retain:

Two frames:
textframe = Frame(2 * inch, 1 * inch, 5.75 * inch, 9 * inch, id = 'TF',
showBoundary = 1)
headingframe = Frame(0.5 * inch, 1 * inch, 1.5 * inch, 9 * inch, id = 'HF',
showBoundary = 1)
Page template:
def myPageTemplate(canvas, doc):
    canvas.setFont('Times-Roman', 12)
    canvas.drawCentredString(PAGE_WIDTH / 2.0, PAGE_HEIGHT - 108, Title)
    canvas.drawString(PAGE_WIDTH - 2 * inch, PAGE_HEIGHT - inch, Author)
    canvas.setFont('Times-Roman', 10)
    canvas.drawCentredString(PAGE_WIDTH / 2.0, inch / 2.0, "%d" % doc.page)

I need to be able to write text to the textframe, and every time I do that I
also need to write a heading to the headingframe. Unfortunately, I can't
seem to find how to combine the low-level features of ReportLab with the
high-level features of Platypus.

If I could access the canvas directly in my derived BaseDocTemplate, then I
would be able to manually write the headings and texts. However, for some
reason, the canvas is inaccessible in the BaseDocTemplate.

Here is a semi-pseudocode function that I would like to write, but I'm not
sure how to implement it:
def writeText(flowabletext, heading): # heading is a string
    headingframe.write(heading, flowabletext.getY())

This is what I need to do:

   1. Retain the frames and page template that I have written - they are
   what I need.
   2. Make a function that writes a block of paragraphs - each paragraph
   having a bullet - to the textframe, and writes a heading to the heading
   frame with the same Y-coordinate as the first line of the block of

I am utterly confused, as the ReportLab documentation and the examples do
not explain how to do do something like this. Assistance is greatly
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