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Saketh Bhamidipati saketh.bhamidipati at gmail.com
Thu Jun 29 10:23:45 EDT 2006

I've figured out the bullets issue and the paragraph styling issue with your
def bullet(text):
    return (u"\N{BULLET} " + unicode(text))

This function works for me.

However, I am still confused as to how to get a two-column document. I'm
trying to use frames, but it's not working. I need the division between the
columns to be at 2 inches (5 centimeters) from the left edge of the page.

Here's what I tried in my derived BaseDocTemplate:
class NotalonTemplate(BaseDocTemplate):
    def __init__(self, filename, **kw):
        textframe = Frame(2 * inch, 2 * inch, 5.75 * inch, 8 * inch, id =
        headingframe = Frame(1 * inch, 1 * inch, 5.75 * inch, 8 * inch, id =

        self.allowSplitting = 0
        self.showBoundary = 1
        apply(BaseDocTemplate.__init__, (self, filename), kw)
        template = PageTemplate('TwoColumns', [headingframe, textframe],

I know I'm making mistakes, but I can't find any information about
two-column documents. Using frames doesn't seem to be working.


   1. How do I make a two-column document?
   2. How do I choose which column I write the text to?

If someone could please help me make this into a two-column template I would
be grateful.

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