[reportlab-users] Styles and Character Spacing

Tom Wiebe tom.wiebe at gmail.com
Thu Jun 8 20:32:44 EDT 2006

Drat, that's a minor let down. Makes total sense now that I think of
it though, it would create a whole lot more work for the renderer.
Fortunately, the places I need to do this are fixed headlines and such
so I can easily use graphics instead for this project.

Would be a nice feature to have eventually though.


On 6/8/06, Robin Becker <robin at reportlab.com> wrote:
> Tom Wiebe wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > New to ReportLab and loving it. Very nice piece of work. One thing I'm
> > getting hung up on, however, and I'm sure it's quite simple and I'm
> > just braindead.
> >
> > How does one set kerning in a style sheet? I read the stuff in the
> > manual about setCharSpace and setWordSpace but, need to get this into
> > a Platypus style and can't seem to figure out how.
> >
> > Any help greatly appreciated.
> >
> > Tom Wiebe
> .....
> I'm pretty sure we don't do kerning. It's a matter of speed; our current line
> breaker is in python and that limits the amount of work it can do. So
> kerning/hyphenation gets left off. Effectively we are working with "words" and
> kerning needs glyph examination which would be a big slowdown.
> There is some C code that could be used to do this in an extension, but it needs
> some work to get it in shape for our purposes.
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> Robin Becker
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