[reportlab-users] ParagraphAndImage flowable

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Fri Jun 2 09:55:59 EDT 2006

Matt Page-Lieberman wrote:
> I found one of the answers to our problem.  In version 2.0 of ReportLab, 
> indeed an argument is passed to say in which order the image and 
> paragraph should be displayed.  One outstanding question though, is how 
> to indent the whole unit rather than just indenting the text or having 
> to hack the implementation as explained below (applying the paragraph 
> style's leftIndent property to the indentation of the image.

Here's the quick answer:

   from reportlab.platypus.doctemplate import Indenter
   story.append(Indenter(newLeftMargin, newRightMargin))
   story.append(Indenter(-newLeftMargin, -newRightMargin))

This causes the packer to adjust the width of the frame while working. 
It's also the right way to do multiple levels of indented lists and 

Are you saying that IAF ignores the indentation of the first paragraph 
style?  I can well believe that but it does suggest a bug or a need for 
a new feature.

- Andy

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