[reportlab-users] possible to superimpose Drawing platypus Flowables?

7ep25q902 at sneakemail.com 7ep25q902 at sneakemail.com
Wed Jul 12 12:27:01 EDT 2006

Is it possible to superimpose Drawing objects generated by svglib and Flowable objects generated by platypus?

I can see Drawing is a subclass of Flowable, and everything Platypus creates seems to be a Flowable, but there are two problems.

One is that Platypus seems to use Canvas.save(), where Drawing seems to ultimately rely on renderPDF. Worse, Flowables flow around each other, and I want to superimpose graphics and text on top of each other? Is there a way to do this besides buying pageCatcher or running the sheet of paper through the printer twice?

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