[reportlab-users] Re: quick hack on para.py

Dirk Holtwick holtwick at spirito.de
Wed Jul 5 08:31:57 EDT 2006

Hi Robin,

it seems to be a complex issue with all these encodings, but for my
software I'm now able to make it compatible with Reportlab 2.0.

Thanks a lot for your support,


Robin Becker schrieb:
> Dirk Holtwick wrote:
>> Robin Becker schrieb:
>>> the important one (at least for most Europeans) grrhhhhhh. I looked this
>>> up. According to
>>> http://www.unicode.org/Public/MAPPINGS/VENDORS/ADOBE/symbol.txt the EURO
>>> SIGN has a codepoint 0x20ac, but your code is assuming 0x80 somehow. I
>>> think the latin1 is wrong. Things work for me if I use cp1252
>>> throughout.
>>> I have added the euro as a predefined entity. That will at least allow
>>> you to do  €
>> Hi Robin,
>> how about adding this little helper function?
>> import types
>> def toUnicode(s):
>>     if type(s) is not types.UnicodeType:
>>         s = unicode(s, "utf8")
>>     return s.replace(u"\x80", u"\u20ac")
>> The Euro sign in my examples comes directly from my German Windows
>> keyboard and worked fine until now in other apps. Maybe it's a bug in
>> Python?
>> Bye, Dirk
> ......
> It's not a bug in python. You explicitly used latin1. When we decode the
> string
> unicode("€",'latin1')--> u'\x80', but that is not recognized as a proper
> unicode point by the Python codecs stuff. According to wikipaedia
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Western_Latin_character_sets_%28computing%29
> The euro isn't defined in latin1, but because the latin1 codec maps the
> 0x80 --> 0x80 we see the wrong unicode. My claim is that your windows is
> using an encoding which maps the euro sign to 0x80 and displays it as
> such, but that encoding is not latin1.
> My suggestion of cp1252 may not be what you're actually using, but that
> at least does the right thing for the euro and many other characters.


Dirk Holtwick


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