[reportlab-users] Multiple A6's on an A4

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Thu Apr 27 16:58:58 EDT 2006

7ep25q902 at sneakemail.com wrote:
> Hi Andy,
> Thanks for the tip!
> That sounds like it might help, but does not using canvases mean I
> couldn't use platypus either when I define the original A6 cards?
> Every card has a paragraph of text, appearing twice with two
> different orientations, in addition to other elements. I'm using
> platypus for word wrapping and text formatting, plus Frames for
> positioning within the card. So If I need to drop platypus to write
> every card as a form object, then that will be a problem.

You can use Platypus fine.. You could create a Paragraph and draw it on 
the canvas


p = Paragraph(text, style)
p.wrap(height, width)
p.drawOn(canvas, x, y)


Or, if you want frames, create a list of flowables; create a frame; and 
   myFrame.addFromlist(flowableList, canvas)
to draw as many as will fit.  (See methods of 

It doesn't matter how you draw it, if you draw it in a form then it's 
kept "off to one side" by the PDF format and can be reused.

Hope this helps,


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