[reportlab-users] python data types for tables

will at phototropia.org will at phototropia.org
Thu Apr 27 14:22:32 EDT 2006

      I am storing the data and attributes for tables in dictionaries with
one dictionary for each table.  I have two routes for storing these
1)Make a dictionary of dictionaries called say tables with the name of
each table as dictionary name in tables.
2)Make a list of the table dictionaries witht the name of the table as an
attribute in the dictionary.
      I will have few enough tables per project that it probably doesn't
matter, but others will likely use this for potentially many tables,
if that effects the decision.
      If I go with the list of dictionaries, I have to iterate through the
list to find a table everytime something is changed.  With a
dictionary of dictionaries, I would have to copy a table's
dictionary to change the name of the dictionary.
     Any thougts on which data model is better, or criteria for this


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