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The canvas is probably the wrong tool, but are you aware of Form Xobjects?  

You can run in a loop 52 times to create named "form objects" using beginForm....endForm at the beginning of the program, and end up with cards which can be drawn later using e.g. canvas.doForm("ace-of-spades"). Also, you can translate/rotate/scale before each time you draw a card. 

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Is it possible to build a Canvas object for a page by assembling smaller Canvas objects for parts of the page?

I would like to generate a set playing cards. They are A6-sized, and will be cut out from printouts onto standard A4 pages. I have written methods that can generate my individual A6 pages. But after figuring out how to create an UpsideDownParagraph class, I'm now finding it harder to assemble them than I thought.

Any pointers at all would be a great help.

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