[reportlab-users] Table width question

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Sat Oct 22 14:01:36 EDT 2005

Mauricio Tellez wrote:
>>Not exactly sure I get the picture. Normally we either fix the row sizes
>>or they are automatically calculated to be large enough to contain the
>>height of the contents. Do you require expanding rows? Layout on paper
>>isn't like browser layout as paper has a fixed size.
> The height of the row isn't a problem, I just want more table's rows per
> page, and I have a lot of white space beetween the last row of each page and
> the page border, so maybe I should ask: how do I set the table's size per
> page? Thanks.

So you want a table class that adds extra rows or does it expand the 
existing rows? The standard Table doesn't do either, but a derived class 
might be able to.
Robin Becker

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