[reportlab-users] Support on UTF8 Chinese CMap file and CID Font

Lornness lornness at gmail.com
Mon Oct 3 01:23:27 EDT 2005

Hi All,

I'm using reportlab 1.20 / zope 2.8.1 / python 2.3.5 / windows 2000 Chinese
system with UTF8 encoding Chinese zope site.

I have checked reportlab that does not support UTF8 encoding (as mentioned
in the user manual page 50).

For information, the _cidfontdata.py specifies how to create additional CID
font support and put into this file:

"Canned data is provided for the Japanese fonts supported by Adobe. We
can add Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese in due course. The data was
extracted by creating very simple postscript documents and running
through Distiller, then examining the resulting PDFs."

Since the information above is not clear, I would like to know how do I
create the support to the Chinese UTF8 encoding from Adobe UniCNS-UTF8-H &
UniCNS-UTF8-V for the open type font: MSungStd-Light-Acro.otf &

Thank you and best regards,

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