[reportlab-users] Re: Visual Editor.

Andreas Kaiser akaiser at vocote.de
Thu Nov 24 16:38:23 EST 2005

Hi Andy,

Andy Robinson schrieb:
> Andy Robinson wrote:
>> Andreas Kaiser wrote:
>>> On the wxPython mailing list I have initiated a discussion for a 
>>> reporting framework based ONLY on wxPython. One point in this 
>>> discussion is the need for a visual editor for reporttemplates. RL is 
>>> mentioned often.
> I just signed up for the wx list.  I am not committing
> to wxPython just yet, but want to find out how many building blocks exist.
I've seen your message. There is something usefull for this ongoing 
> If we have any proponents of the other major GUI frameworks
> (pyGTK, PyQT, whatever) on this list, please see how much useful stuff 
> exists as a starting point.
On RL mailinglist is the first need for pyGTK / pyQt.
> It's very important to me that anything we do is fairly easy to install
> on Windows and OS X, without needing a bunch of unix-emulation 
> libraries; I've had a real battle getting GIMP and Sketch running in the 
> past.  I have always like wxPython in this regard.
That's the main fact for me too. Easy to install (running from USB 
stick) and no extra environment/libraries.

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