[reportlab-users] Visual Editor.

Fernando Lujan fernando.lujan at terra.com.br
Wed Nov 23 15:13:09 EST 2005

Andy Robinson wrote:
> Fernando Lujan wrote:
>> Actually my company, works with the reportlab and we design dynamic 
>> PDF files to serve to our customers.
>> But, we lost a long time designing the PDF, drawing rect, circles and 
>> etc. We do it all by hand.
>> I'm wondering if there is a visual tool like Jasper Report's, for 
>> instance, which we could use to design the document.
> No there isn't, at the moment.  And we're probably in the same position: 
> we spent much of our time designing dynamic PDFs for customers, when
> we should be building the framework ;-)
> I would be very happy to start collaborating on this if there were a few
> other companies and teams who really needed it and would share the
> work.
> We have internal tools which might help which are not open source
> and I'll discuss this by private email.
> Who on this list needs a design tool badly enough to (a) pay for it
> (if price was modest - because we can get a long way with some
> commercial components) or (b) help contribute to it?

I can contribute with work.

Fernando Lujan

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