[reportlab-users] Can't find .pfb for face 'Times-Roman'

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Tue May 31 05:00:24 EDT 2005

Max M wrote:
> Is it because it's a stupid question that no one answers, or is it 
> because there is no solution?

well actually I emailed you a couple of days ago with the location of a zip file.

Any how browse to


and inspect for a folder with the name fonts.

> My use case is that I have written a radar-like graph, and now want it 
> in a web compatible format for previewing.
> I cannot generate web formats like png, gif and jpg because I am missing 
> a font.
> It's an odd situation that I cannot use the package because I cannot 
> find a font file that it depends on. Am I really the only one with the 
> problem?

Robin Becker

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