[reportlab-users] newby: is importing eps possible?

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Wed May 25 04:59:08 EDT 2005

Andy Robinson wrote:
>>>Of course, if I think it's so simple, why don't I just go do it?
> For a large number of toy cases, you could get away by replacing
> Postscript operators with their abbreviated PDF ones.   e.g.
>  100 100 moveto
> becomes
>  100 100 m
> BUT to handle real EPS, you'd need a full Postscript interpreter
> as Postscript is a full interpreted language and the code usually
> depends on lots of function definitions in the preamble to the
> file.  Also, there are subtle differences in the operators available
> for filling and stroking arbitrary paths.  
> On the plus side, many drawing programs write fully expanded
> non-tricky postscript, so a 90%-right first try would be
> valuable to lots of people even if the above weren't done on
> day one.  And it should be pretty easy as Python has most needed 
> features.  
> It would be a great student project; we have a local university
> looking for final year thesis topics and I might look for
> a sucker, er,  volunteer.  If you don't get there first ;-)
> - Andy
we have part of an interpreter in the renderPM extension which is used
to handle type 1 font curves etc etc.

Also I think that Bernhard Herzog's Sketch app has some kind of ps interpreter
inside it.

Robin Becker

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