[reportlab-users] newby: is importing eps possible?

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Mon May 23 20:16:23 EDT 2005

> > Of course, if I think it's so simple, why don't I just go do it?

For a large number of toy cases, you could get away by replacing
Postscript operators with their abbreviated PDF ones.   e.g.
 100 100 moveto
 100 100 m

BUT to handle real EPS, you'd need a full Postscript interpreter
as Postscript is a full interpreted language and the code usually
depends on lots of function definitions in the preamble to the
file.  Also, there are subtle differences in the operators available
for filling and stroking arbitrary paths.  

On the plus side, many drawing programs write fully expanded
non-tricky postscript, so a 90%-right first try would be
valuable to lots of people even if the above weren't done on
day one.  And it should be pretty easy as Python has most needed 

It would be a great student project; we have a local university
looking for final year thesis topics and I might look for
a sucker, er,  volunteer.  If you don't get there first ;-)

- Andy

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