[reportlab-users] newby: is importing eps possible?

Giuseppe Bonelli giuseppe.bonelli at tiscali.it
Mon May 23 13:03:54 EDT 2005

On Mon, 23 May 2005 andy at reportlab.com wrote:

>> So my question: is there any way to embed eps files in pdfs generated 
> by pdfgen/platipus?
> No.  You would need to use an external application to preprocess
> them to a bitmap.
> If the number of images is known and finite then lots
> of packages can do this - Gimp, Paintshop Pro etc.

Thank for the quick reply. Unfortunatly this is not an option (at least at 
the moment) as the eps are small bar codes that must be printed in high 
resolution and transforming them to a raster format results in too much 
image degradation (probably..., not tryed yet).

Irony is that the eps are generated dinamically from a python script ...

The use of gscript to make the conversion ends up with a missing font 
problem (...yes the eps use some custom fonts which apparently gs does not 

Can someone give me a pointer to the reportlab code I heard someone use to 
produce bar codes so I can have a look at it and eventually modify my own 
bar code generation script?

Are there other options for a python based solution ?



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