[reportlab-users] rml in openreport....How to run

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Thu May 12 04:28:01 EDT 2005

Tiny RML is not a ReportLab product, and does not have our
permission to call itself "Report Markup Language" which is
a ReportLab trademark.  It also only partly complies with the
RML manual.   ReportLab staff do not provide any
support for it at all.  You should contact the author of that package
for support (although it's possible others on this list might
help you directly).

(This may, however, be difficult, as last time I tried to correspond,
the project mailing list was not working).

RML is a commercial product which we sell and only customers
who have bought it or arranged an evaluation would have a copy
of the rml2pdf module.  One of my issues with Tiny RML is that
he is creating great confusion for people like you by using modules and
a 'product' with exactly the same names as ours.

Sorry to be unhelpful but if we said more than this then people
would start assuming this list was a support forum for Tiny RML.

Best regards

- Andy Robinson
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  Subject: [reportlab-users] rml in openreport....How to run

  Wants to create pdf outof rml file.

  How to run the code of trml2pdf doc

  I have 1 rml file "clm.rml", and I wrote a .py file like...

    import rml2pdf
    print rml2pdf.parseString(file('clm.rml','r').read())

  and saved as clm.py and tried to run it as
  python clm.py

  but it gave an error to me. as rml2pdf not found
  ImportError: No module named rml2pdf

  I had cpoied trml2pdf file where i hv my .py & .rml files.

  Can anyone tell me the correct procedure to use trml2pdf module to create

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