[reportlab-users] rml in openreport....How to run

tushar liladhar patil tusharpatil1982 at rediffmail.com
Thu May 12 04:08:21 EDT 2005

Wants to create pdf outof rml file.

How to run the code of trml2pdf doc

I have 1 rml file "clm.rml", and I wrote a .py file like...

   import rml2pdf
   print rml2pdf.parseString(file('clm.rml','r').read())

and saved as clm.py and tried to run it as
python clm.py

but it gave an error to me. as rml2pdf not found
ImportError: No module named rml2pdf

I had cpoied trml2pdf file where i hv my .py & .rml files.

Can anyone tell me the correct procedure to use trml2pdf module to create pdfs
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