[reportlab-users] Re: [reportlab-support] RE: New KFD servers

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Thu Mar 24 06:08:44 EST 2005

Elliott, Charles wrote:

The observations are

0) Python process cpu time 1-5 seconds, wall clock time >10seconds even on low 

1) most hits correspond to python processes, but only the last (in a typical 
request stream) corresponds to generating a PDF.

2) I don't believe there should be a major delay caused by writing a PDF file of 
150kB which would correspond to a single fund kfd.

3) The major return to the user would normally be the PDF except that the fund 
dropdowns page itself is 330kB.
On a broadband line that page takes a 4-7 seconds to download, on a 56k modem it 
would be 30-60 seconds or more.  Someone has to provide buffering for the 
content. Is it possible that the python process is waiting for the server to 
soak up its output?

We know (and have tested) how to reduce the size of the dropdowns page using 
AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript and XHTML), but that requires an assertion on the 
class of browser we could support.

4) The actual transfer of the PDF content is currently handled directly by the 
server so no python process is involved.
Robin Becker

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