[reportlab-users] Re: [reportlab-support] Single request/response PDF generation

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Thu Mar 24 05:44:02 EST 2005

Elliott, Charles wrote:
> Andy and all,
> I seem to remember that the reason KFD was originally designed around the
> click to generate, click to download model was because of issues with some
> V4 browsers in getting a PDF response from a click. Has this problem now
> been resolved in the current generation of browsers?
> If so we would potentially like this changed to the 'click and receive
> model' because it is easier for the user, simplifies load balancing/session
> persistence and avoids the need for local disk writes. Let me know your
> thoughts on this.
> If we think its viable, we will of course raise a formal change request.
> Cheers,
> Charles

This used to be a major problem. Some of the browsers just didn't work properly 
particularly when network delays were also present.

Modern versions of acrobat reader together with the latest Gecko based/IE 6 
browsers seem to have solved this mostly, but John occasionally sees it with his 
Win2K IE6 AcrobatReader 5 (particularly with delays caused by him running on the 
same machine as the server). What happens is that you click on the link and get 
a white screen. Hitting refresh usually solves the problem. However, the only 
guranteed way was for us to suggest the right click and save method.
Robin Becker

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