[reportlab-users] Very very long document

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Mon Mar 14 06:17:05 EST 2005

Christian Junker wrote:
> Just a side question:
> How does reportlab generate tables (platypus)? 
> Do you construct it with pdfgen drawing methods, if so where is the
> source file that builds up tables?
> I am in the process of writing low-leve functions/methods of the
> pdfgen module to produce cells and tables and would like to know more
> about rendering tables.
...... tables are generated in the platypus/tables.py script.

If your tables and document are relatively simple it's might be better to 
consider an alternative approach using only pdfgen operations as they are 
simpler (and quicker). You would still have to handle the sizing.
Robin Becker

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