[reportlab-users] Parts of documents (pdf/svg/.. ?)

Frans Haarman frans at haarman.com
Sat Mar 5 04:16:21 EST 2005


    First a big *thankyou* to all reportlab developpers and everybody 
who helped get it this far.


 I have made a nice diagram in dia. Saved is as SVG.  I used a grid to 
make sure all the parts of the diagram
where the same size (places them within a grid) etc. But they still have 
arrows going to each other.

Was wondering how to tell reportlab to render a differnt section/area of 
my (SVG) diagram..

I imagine showing the complete SVG diagram. As an overview.
Then show seperate parts of the diagram (which would be a bit more 
detailed/readable, because they show
only an area of the diagram.

This used together with "Flowables" and "Frames" would be great. Some 
how have each flowable show
a differnt part of the diagram. Maybe keep an overview in a frame ? Who 

I was hoping if some reportlab realised beings could shed some light on 
my ideas. And maybe point me in a direction
if reportlab wont help me accomplish this.

Now I could save each part of the diagram seperatly. But I figured I 
would ask if something like this is possible.
The next possiblity would be making a script which outputs these small 
parts of the diagram. IF this is within my
capabilities that is :)


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